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Don't let "hidden" plastic bags hide in the vegetable market

Why do recycled plastic bags suspected of "hidden" take up half of the packaging bags in the vegetable market? Why can't the plastic bags "recycled" be distinguished and eliminated in food packaging? Yesterday, at the theme Salon of "green packaging and citizen health" hosted by the municipal Packaging Association, more than 20 experts attending the meeting suggested that the use of recycled plastic bags should be completely banned in food packaging

"green packaging" must be safe

using waste plastic to make vest bags should be said to be beneficial to environmental protection, but if this kind of recycled plastic bags are in close contact with "shirtless" food, they cannot be included in the category of green packaging. Chen Changjie, Secretary General of Shanghai Green Packaging Committee and senior engineer, believes that green packaging refers to appropriate packaging that can be recycled, recycled or degraded, and does not cause public hazards to human body and the environment in the whole life cycle of products. Although the waste plastic bags will be heated at 200 ℃ during the regeneration process, which will kill most bacteria, the plasticizers, stabilizers, formaldehyde and other harmful substances in the waste plastic will form, which may stick to food and be eaten by people. 2 method outline will cause chronic poisoning. Therefore, food packaging bags made of waste plastic should be prohibited

10000 tons of recycled bags flow to the vegetable market

because the recycled plastic waste contains many impurities, manufacturers often add colors to make colored recycled plastic bags such as dark black and dark blue. Most of these low-cost recycled bags are used as free gifts in the farmers' market. Huanggenlong, a researcher from the Institute of organic chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, found after investigating the Changqiao street with a population of 140000 that an average of 1.7 kilograms of plastic bags are used per person every year to avoid risks. According to this calculation, 24000 tons of plastic bags are used in Shanghai vegetable farms every year. Half of them are recycled plastic bags produced by some small workshops, that is, tens of thousands of tons of plastic bags suspected of "drug possession" are used as food packaging bags by citizens every year

why is it difficult to ban recycled bags in the regulations?

as early as 1990, the Ministry of Health issued Article 7 of the "measures for the hygienic management of plastic products and raw materials for food". It was clearly stipulated that torque should not be used for processing plastic tableware, containers and food packaging materials. In short, it is to change the torque required to recycle plastic. But for more than a decade, a large number of recycled plastic bags are still in use, and we have a deep research on the various testing standards of the experimental machine, which is closely related to the food "skin"

Zhuang Yingjie, Secretary General of Shanghai Packaging Technology Association, believes that in order to make recycled plastic bags out of the food packaging market, we must first strictly enforce the declaration system of food packaging bags, and impose economic sanctions on food packaging bag production units that refuse to declare. You can also print the manufacturer's name logo or stripe on the new plastic bag, which is different from the recycled plastic bag, or refer to the recycling experience of disposable plastic tableware in Shanghai, and charge some treatment fees from the polyethylene food packaging bag manufacturer as a special fund for the recycling of plastic bags

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