Don't let the wrapping paper squeeze out honesty a

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Don't let "wrapping paper" squeeze out honesty and conscience

yesterday, Mr. Deng, who sells fruits in Youzha street, called this newspaper. He went to the wholesale market to send loquats. He weighed it. For a loquat of 40 Jin, the packaging and toilet paper in the basket alone were 10 jin. (May 29 Qianzhong Morning Post)

needless to say, playing tricks on the packaging is nothing more than to increase the weight of fruits, so as to achieve the purpose of making more profits. In fact, this is a disguised act of shortness, just fooling consumers by preventing shock pressure and preserving quality

as long as we pay attention to the current fruit market, it is not difficult to find that there are all kinds of fruits except watermelon and pineapple, which are not packed in boxes. Moreover, the packaging is getting heavier and heavier, and some are even spraying water on the packaging paper. The prevalence of hidden rules in this industry is undoubtedly the lack of vendor morality and integrity

there is nothing wrong with carrying out necessary packaging for fruits to prevent shock pressure and preserve freshness and quality. The problem is that under the guise of preventing shock pressure and preserve freshness and quality, this practice of over packaging to increase weight and blatantly damaging the interests of consumers is very dangerous, which is an unscrupulous act in business

as a business, profit seeking behavior is understandable, but don't let excessive packaging crowd out integrity and conscience, and don't blur the eyes of consumers with a variety of packaging. Because what consumers want is genuine goods, good quality and low price, and safe and reliable products. Any speculation and tricks will not last long. As the saying goes: buy and sell long-term buildings. Only by operating in good faith can we win the trust of consumers and make long-term profits

that is, the new national standard being implemented now

40 Jin loquat 10 jin paper is enough to show that some vendors deceive and deceive consumers to the point of unbearable. Should the relevant law enforcement departments act when they act? Let consumers wipe the buyer. The research team has begun to test new derivatives of composite materials. Users can operate the instrument independently, master the installation, opening and closing steps of the instrument and the usual protection and maintenance of the instrument, operate and control the system when the consumption of CPE is less than 60 parts, and use software to brighten the eyes. It is better to let bad behavior pay a heavy price through law and supervision

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