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Don't let the fake packaging dazzle you. Miscellaneous drinks compete to be close to famous brands

at present, the weather is hot. In the national food safety standards for various products, the beverage market is hot again. However, the investigation found that some "near famous brands" drinks are also mixed with authentic famous brand drinks to deceive consumers

this morning, in a cold drink stall near the railway station, it was found that among the drinks sold here, there was a kind of outer package that was very similar to "Sprite". But after a closer look, it turned out to be "Sprite". I spent two yuan to buy a bottle. I found that there was no manufacturer and address on the outer package except for the pattern, font and "Sprite" which were basically the same. It was obvious that it was a "three noes" product. After drinking, there was a strange smell, which was far from "Sprite"

in another cold drink stall, another drink named "Peggy Cola" was found, and its outer packaging was basically the same as that of "Pepsi Cola". Ask about the sales situation of this kind of drink electronic universal experimental machine digital sensor adopting several different working principles. The stall owner said that these goods are relatively cheap, the wholesale price is low, and no one can see it without special attention. "Is that from a factory?" Ask again. "No, how can it be?"

in the interview, it was found that many drinks sold at some beverage stalls are "near famous brands". Some are basically the same bottle and packaging color as famous brands, some simply change one word, and the rest of the packaging is copied. In a shop, it was found that there were "pulse", "artery" and "pulse strength" drinks in a row of drinks. For example, it was difficult to distinguish the functional characteristics of static torsion testing machine without careful inspection. In some stalls, there are "dalibin", "jianlibin" and other brands that imitate "Jianlibao", and the packaging is very similar to Jianlibao. The "age of innocence" and "age of pure love", which imitate Wahaha's "age of innocence", are no worse than the former in color, decoration and packaging, except for a word difference

it is understood that the wholesale price of these "famous spring tension and compression fatigue testing machines and the functional characteristics of the equipment" is about half of the price of brand products, but the retail price in the market is the same. It seems that when drinking drinks this summer, we should not only prevent drinking fake drinks, but also open our eyes to find the brand we want to drink

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