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@In the video, the man, don't forget to return what he found.

"I have important information in my file. I hope the person who finds it can return it as soon as possible." Ms. Yu in Rizhao broke her heart for her lost hand precision machine operation these two days. In the evening of September 8, when she took the No. 5 bus, she accidentally left it on her seat and was soon turned off. At present, Ms. Yu has called the police and found the monitoring at the time of the incident. Ms. Yu hopes that the passengers who picked her up can return it as soon as possible

according to Ms. Yu, at more than 6 p.m. on the 8th, she took the No. 5 bus and sat on the right in the last row of the rear carriage. "There were not many people on the bus at that time. There were only three people in the back carriage. Two women wanted to get off, leaving me with a male passenger in the front row."

at 6:53 p.m. that day, Ms. Yu got off at the sailing base station, and she suddenly remembered that she was still in the car. Although the bus didn't go long, Ms. Yu still couldn't catch up. Helpless, she had to dial her number with her friend immediately, "the first time I got through, but no one answered, and then I kept turning off." Ms. Yu recalled that when half of the battery was in fashion, it was probably picked up and turned off

Ms. Yu told her that she was a white iphonex with important information in it, and there was no screen opening password. In addition, her card was a foreign number, which was very troublesome to reissue. On the same day, Ms. Yu tried to connect her by dialing and texting for many times, hoping that the other party would return it, and promised to thank her again, but she kept turning off the phone and heard nothing

in desperation, Ms. Yu called the police. On the 9th, accompanied by the police, Ms. Yu saw the surveillance video at that time. According to the monitoring, after Ms. Yu got off the bus, a man looked back several times, got up and sat in the position before Ms. Yu, and then went to the back door of the bus after some "action". Shortly after the woman got off the bus, the man got off at the second stop behind the sailing base, "harbor city"

according to Ms. Yu's memory and monitoring, the man was slightly fat, with a square face and looked more than 30 years old. Wearing blue short sleeves, letters on the chest, trousers, white shoes and black sneakers, holding plastic bags

at present, the police have preliminarily investigated and determined that it should be the man in the video who found it and intervened to assist in the investigation. Ms. Yu hopes that the person who finds it can take the initiative to contact and return it, or hand it over to the police station. If you have any insiders, please contact us and thank you in person. (Qilu Evening News · Qilu one o'clock Peilei)

[: Yang Fan, Han Wei]

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