Don't let children use plastic milk bottles or pla

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Don't let children use plastic bottles and bowls

Why do pediatric urologists resolutely not let their children use plastic bottles and bowls and urge everyone not to use them

the impact of Taiwan's "plasticizer" incident is becoming greater and greater

experts found that instant noodles are also prone to be contaminated by plasticizers

recently, in Taiwan, China, today we will discuss in detail the specific test methods according to the national standard gb/t12914 (2) 008 determination of tensile strength of paper and paperboard. 1. Some food additive manufacturers in the Gulf region found that they illegally added plasticizer phthalates to their cloud forming agents, It also led to the food contamination of some downstream food production enterprises. According to statistics released by Taiwan's health department, by May 31, 746 products containing toxic plasticizer ingredients had been seized in Taiwan, involving 216 manufacturers. Some products have been sold to the mainland

On June 1, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China (AQSIQ) announced the "list of enterprises that have suspended the import of food and food additives from Taiwan"

on June 2, the State Food and Drug Administration issued a notice prohibiting catering service units from purchasing and using food and food additives produced by enterprises in the "list of enterprises that have suspended the import of food and food additives from Taiwan"

the problem beverage Hangzhou has been removed from the shelves

"after seeing this,

we began to take action. On May 27, we have conducted a comprehensive inspection of more than 200 shopping malls and supermarkets, requiring that the beverages produced in Taiwan be removed from the shelves and stored locally." Tao Jin, director of the consumer protection department of Hangzhou Administration for Industry and commerce, said

among them, Wal Mart Dongxin store sells Taiwan made "Yueshi sports drinks", which have been removed from the shelves at present

"so far, only 'Yueshi sports drink' has been found in the problematic drinks containing plasticizer. We still have to wait for the unified instructions of the superior industrial and commercial department on how to deal with the seized products." Director Tao said

Lou Liqun, director of the food supervision and Administration Department of Hangzhou Bureau of quality supervision, said that the Hangzhou Bureau of quality and technical supervision had held an emergency meeting on "plasticizer" drinks

"on June 2, as soon as we received the notice of the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China, we began to combine self inspection with supervision and inspection. Several major enterprises in Hangzhou have carried out self inspection and sent it to a third party for testing, and no problem food has been found so far." The director of the building said

yesterday afternoon, I also went to some supermarkets and found no problem drinks from Taiwan

what is cloud forming agent and plasticizer

in Taiwan's "toxic beverage" incident, cloud forming agent and plasticizer are the two words that people hear most. Professor Feng Fengqin, a food additive research expert at Zhejiang University, said that the cloud forming agent in Taiwan media is actually the emulsifier we usually talk about. Food emulsifier is one of 22 kinds of food additives, including many varieties. It is often used, such as monoglyceride, sucrose ester, etc. it is used in turbid fruit juice and beverages to emulsify and turbid

to put it more popularly, it is to make the beverage avoid the separation of water and oil or look turbid and uniform. The most typical example is milk

milk or milk drinks contain both a large amount of water and milk fat. If they are stored for a long time, fat will rise, which consumers do not want to see and accept

"therefore, it is necessary to reduce the particle size of fat globules through homogenization, and add food emulsifiers, which also helps to stabilize dairy liquid food. Natural milk contains natural emulsifiers such as protein and phospholipids, which can be milky and uniform." Professor Feng said. What is phthalate? It is a kind of plasticizer, which is widely used in plastic processing. Its main function is to soften plastic and enhance its flexibility

"food emulsifiers can be used in the plastic industry as plasticizers, but conversely, plasticizers used in industry can never be used in food. Using phthalates in food is an illegal addition." Professor Feng said

in addition, like emulsifiers, there are many kinds of plasticizers. At present, six kinds of harmful plasticizers are mainly phthalate (DEHP), dibutyl phthalate (DBP), butyl benzyl phthalate (BBP). Among them, DEHP is classified as "toxic substance" in relevant EU regulations, and DEHP is the main one detected in Taiwan this time

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