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Textiles: don't let "scientific and technological means" become the "first killer"

industry experts have also made several keynote speeches on the development and future of high-performance materials. Under the supervision of the government, the national special inspection on food safety is being carried out. In addition to the additives in dairy products, meat and grain, there has been media exposure recently that "high-tech" means such as ripening agents, bulking agents, growth hormones, preservatives and so on have been frequently used to increase production, increase, and preserve fresh vegetables and fruits. Some experts said that a melon and fruit use more than a dozen hormones from small to large, and no fruit is "clean". Some experts said that although some "additives" are allowed to be used in planting and breeding, excessive or extended use will bring hidden dangers to human body

from food to clothing, in the process of textile processing, we are also facing more and more problems of various "additives", and there are also hidden dangers to the environment and human safety

a chief engineer of a printing and dyeing enterprise told that there are thousands of kinds of printing and dyeing auxiliaries commonly used at present, which often become a new force in the packaging industry. In a dyeing process, when any load is applied, some enterprises add dozens of kinds of auxiliaries. At present, not only printing and dyeing enterprises have added in the processing process, but also upstream dye production enterprises have added many "additives that improve the dyeing performance that restricts the development of many major strategic areas". According to the data analysis of this enterprise, about 30% - 40% of the pollution sources in the printing and dyeing wastewater are all kinds of chemical additives added in the printing and dyeing process. If the use of printing and dyeing auxiliaries can be reduced, the emission of pollutants will be reduced from the source

The ultimate goal of scientific and technological development is to make human life happier. The application of various scientific and technological means can greatly improve our production efficiency. However, in order to increase the output of food, prolong the fresh-keeping period and obtain bright colors, biological hormones can be abused, chemical additives can be abused for the uniformity and bright colors of textile dyeing, and to improve the hand feel, resulting in hidden dangers of environmental pollution and personal safety. Such "technological progress" is really discarding the basics

science and technology is the "first productive force". When scientific and technological means are abused for commercial purposes and interests, they may become the "first killer" of ourselves and the environment we rely on

therefore, we must re-examine the various "scientific and technological means" we are used to from the perspective of environmental protection and safety, and do not let the events of cyanuric chloride and clenbuterol happen on textiles

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