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Don't omit the details of children's room lighting

in view of this conventional cognition, the light in children's room is too bright or too dark, especially the learning light. However, now some new ideas may overturn the traditional cognition. Xu Xiao, a cross-border designer, said that even on cloudy days, the outdoor illumination is 10000 lumens (lumens are illumination units), and people don't feel uncomfortable reading outdoors on cloudy days; However, indoor lighting rarely exceeds the same illumination. Therefore, as long as the light is not directly directed to the eyes, there is basically no problem of over brightness and vision problems. Is this view right? (3) Failure or damage caused by the transformation, decomposition and assembly of products

from Yangcheng Evening News, sun Keqing, deputy chief physician of ophthalmology in the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University was interviewed. She said that Xu Xiao was basically right about the rubber tensile testing machine. Because as long as there is no direct vision or specular reflection, the indoor conventional reading light can rarely reach the level of damaging vision, and it doesn't matter if it's bright at all

of course, sun Keqing said that improper lighting design will also cause vision problems. For example, lamps do not have proper lampshades or the height design is unreasonable, so that the light is direct or reflected to the eyes. In addition, if it is a baby room, because the baby's eyes are not fully developed, too strong and dazzling lights cannot be used to avoid damaging their eyes. At this time, the lighting design should be as soft as possible

in fact, children's rooms generally have the functions of learning, playing, rest, storage, etc. the overall illumination of the room should be higher than that of adult rooms. At the same time, the light should be soft and avoid glare. In addition, in different areas such as the learning area, corresponding local lighting is also needed to facilitate children to read, do homework, find books, etc

the overall lighting of the children's room can use chandeliers and ceiling lamps to create a bright and dreamy light effect for the space, while the local lighting can use wall lamps, table lamps, spotlights, etc. to meet different lighting needs. The selected lamps and lanterns should give children a relaxed and interesting sense of light in shape and color, so as to expand their imagination and stimulate their interest in learning

insiders suggest that eye protection lamps can be selected for the lamps in children's learning area. Good eye protection lamps are not easy to flash, and the brightness and brightness uniformity are ideal. They can reduce eye fatigue and help protect children's eyesight

in addition, pay attention to safety issues when installing lamps. Children are naturally lively and curious about things, especially young children, but they lack the necessary sense of self-protection. Therefore, if the lamps are installed in the children's room, especially the infant room, attention should be paid to not letting the power cord be exposed as far as possible, so as to avoid the innocent children playing with the wire as a toy and seizing the commanding height of the competition in the future new material industry, resulting in the risk of electric shock; Never choose a lamp that is easy for children to touch the bulb. It is best to choose a lamp with a closed lampshade, or add a protective cover to the bulb, because many lamps will glow at the same time, which may burn children's tender skin; At the same time, it is necessary to avoid placing floor lamps, desk lamps and other movable lamps in the preschool children's room to minimize the danger


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