Domestic xylene continued to decline in August, an

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After the continuous decline of domestic xylene in August, the market will slowly decline.

in August, the domestic xylene market continued to decline, and the volatile decline of crude oil prices and the continuous decline of the overall aromatics market affected the trading atmosphere. In addition, the downstream demand is still weak. Background information: the peak season of use is coming, and the market will decline with the reduction of factory prices by domestic refineries. As of August 28, the market quotation of solvent grade xylene in Asia was US $820 ~ 830/t (FOB Korea), down US $60/t from the same period in July; The mainstream transaction price in East China market is 8000 ~ 8050 yuan/t

aftermarket analysis

affected by the sharp decline in the outer disk of crude oil and aromatics, the mentality of market participants is poor, and the market demand is still weak, driving the inertia decline of the xylene market. In view of the fact that it was then installed in the exhaust pipe of the engine for experiments, the recent arrival of xylene in East China and the approaching of the off-season of traditional demand for xylene, the overall outlook for xylene is not optimistic. The main influencing factors of the market in September: first, for the xylene market, which is difficult to break through the dull situation for a long time, most market participants lose patience, which affects the market participants' hearts. Labthink also provides customized services; Second, as the peak season in August is coming to an end, xylene consumption will be reduced, and market participants are less confident in the future. It is expected that in the short term, if there is no strong positive news stimulation, the xylene market will continue to consolidate downward. According to preliminary statistics, the local inventory level in Jiangsu is 40000 ~ 50000 tons, and that in Guangdong is about 30000 tons

on the whole, under the influence of the market trends of crude oil, gasoline and downstream PX and PTA, it is expected that the external market of xylene will remain volatile in the near future; In the absence of strong positive news, domestic xylene will continue to decline slowly in the face of obvious contradiction between supply and demand

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