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Don't let packaging become a stumbling block to commodity export

in recent years, China's commodity export also involves the problem of "green barriers" that has been discussed more at home. Most developed countries, which are also the main countries of China's commodity exports, have formulated a series of standards and regulations to ensure the safety of packaging and transportation on the one hand, and protect the human body and the natural environment on the other hand. However, inappropriate policies and measures and the gap between national standards have brought great negative effects on China's export trade. Specifically, they have formed barriers across China's commodity exports to other countries to a certain extent. In order to make the packaging of export goods perfect and reasonable in line with international requirements, and promote Chinese goods to enter the international stage, we should pay attention to the following factors:

reasonable design. According to the transportation distance of goods, the number of handling times, the slight advantages and disadvantages of transportation means, the good environment of storage conditions and the transportation conditions of the place of arrival, different considerations are made on the form of commodity packaging to determine the reasonable carton specification, structure and material selection. In addition, we should pay attention to the volume and weight of goods, so that the strength of cartons is sufficient, and try to reduce the volume and weight. Special requirements of exporting countries for corrugated box materials and carton technology. Due to the different loading and unloading methods, means of transportation and handling machinery in various countries, the requirements for corrugated box materials and carton technology are also different. Moreover, in many cases, it is difficult to understand the specific situation of export. Once there is damage, it is difficult to quickly provide spare parts to remedy or protect export goods. The carton packaging of China's export commodities is often prone to transitional packaging. Many countries expressly prohibit this. Regarding these prohibitions, for example:

normal> ■ the EU gives priority to the use of bleached pulp made by oxidation method for paper packaging containers, and restricts the use of bleached pulp made by chlorination method

normal> ■ packaging containers for food and medical products shall comply with the requirements of relevant EU directives and pass the testing, certification and registration procedures

normal> ■ the packaging of children's toys should bear the CE mark that has passed the certification

normal> ■ necessary dynamic and static load analysis and calculation shall be carried out for large transportation packages to avoid installing a dynamometer with strength less than 100 lb in a 1000 LB mold frame and transitional packaging

normal> ■ the cushion used for transportation and packaging should be made of plant fiber and paper molding materials preferentially, and the use of foamed plastics is limited

normal> ■ disposable transportation packaging containers should have storage and transportation pictorial marks, recycling marks, receiving and shipping marks according to specifications and needs, and should not be printed or painted with other contents


normal> for carton users of export commodities, it is particularly important to timely understand the new standards and new laws and regulations of foreign packaging, but they are also eager for supporting packaging manufacturers to keep up with the pace in time and meet the requirements of developed countries for imported commodity packaging in terms of packaging materials, packaging processing technology, etc


normal> take the standard of the exporting country, which will not only help to improve the overall level of the industry, but also require the liquidation of deteriorated oil packaging suppliers


normal> the European Union is one of the main export destinations of China's electronic and electrical products. As a government action, the EU and its member states have established regulations and rules on packaging. It includes the provisions of "green dot mark" and packaging marks such as "reusable", "renewable", "including recycled materials". In recent two years, Rosh

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