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No plastic straw! Hello, stainless steel straw? This kind of factory has "exploded!"

release date: Source: CCTV finance

according to CCTV finance, in a plastic products company in Jiangsu, guozhijun, the person in charge of the degradable products production line, is debugging the production equipment with technicians. Since the resumption of work on the eighth day of the first month, the production line has been in full day production. Guozhijun told that recently, the company received orders for a large number of degradable products by pressing the interrupt key under the electromechanical operation state, and it was still difficult to meet the supply demand under the full load production state

guozhijun, head of the production line of a plastic company in Jiangsu Province: the daily output of our equipment is basically maintained at about two tons. In terms of shipment volume, there are 4 containers (containers) per week, 1420 pieces (containers) per container. In order to work overtime to catch up, we work 24 hours a day, 8 hours a shift, three shifts

in another straw production company located in Zhejiang, the situation is similar. Master Zhang from Shaanxi, a product handler of the company, said that during the Spring Festival holiday, the factory was sometimes full of trucks delivering goods

on the one hand, the order volume of degradable products is booming, on the other hand, the supply of raw materials for degradable products is still very tight. According to market participants, the main raw material of degradable products is PLA polylactic acid, which is in short supply at present, and the price is three to five times higher than the original plastic

manufacturers have developed new durable paper straw

in addition to degradable products, the implementation of the plastic limit order has also attracted widespread attention. The paper straw is easy to deform and cannot be stirred, which once caused everyone's roast. What about the paper straw produced now

in this commodity company in Zhejiang, general manager Li Erqiao is checking the production progress in the straw workshop. Li Erqiao said that recently, more and more customers talked about the defects of paper straw in the use of milk tea when ordering. In this regard, the company has improved its production process and is promoting paper straws with better water resistance

are these newly processed paper straws really more durable in use? Then we took several kinds of paper straws from the production workshop and asked technicians to dry them in the local laboratory and start the evaluation

Chen Xuesen, director of the quality control department of a daily necessities Co., Ltd. in Zhejiang Province: after soaking for an hour just now, you can see that there is no change in the straw. The tube shape is still well maintained and will not soften when pinched

the person in charge told that under the condition of cold drink or normal temperature, this kind of paper straw can be used normally within three hours. However, they still have the inherent defects of paper straws. The water resistance and heat resistance can not meet the print report standard of plastic straws and degradable straws. Especially in hot drinks, they are still difficult to use for a long time

in addition to paper straws, an enterprise producing bamboo products in Chizhou City, Anhui Province, relying on local bamboo resources, developed and launched bamboo straws. The inner wall of the straw has a good finish, and no additives are used, which improves the safety of the product. At present, the bamboo straw project of the enterprise has achieved mass production and successfully exported

Shi Tianyu, deputy general manager of a bamboo product enterprise in Anhui Province: many merchants have asked us to develop bamboo straws to replace plastic straws. The market volume of bamboo straw is larger than that of bamboo chopsticks and bamboo cuttings. PU material is most common in foam state and is used all over the world

green life breeds green business opportunities

in addition to the bamboo straw that allows the piston to fall back freely, under the strictest "plastic restriction order", more and more consumers and businesses also began to pay attention to straw straw straw straw, glass straw, stainless steel straw and other substitutes

green life breeds green business opportunities. For straw enterprises, only by accelerating technological innovation according to local conditions and developing green, environmentally friendly, economical and applicable straw products, can they take off strongly against the "tuyere"

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