The total revenue of inkjet printing in 2006 will

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In 2006, the total revenue of inkjet printing will reach 41billion US dollars

at the same time, inkjet printing - non-contact printing method

inkjet printing is a non pressure printing method. The non-contact nature of inkjet technology allows printing on various substrate surfaces, such as paper, paperboard, plastic, ceramics, metal, glass, rubber, wood, etc. With the increasing popularity of computers, networks, digital cameras, and the resulting demand for advertising, photography, digital proofing and other industries, the development of ink-jet printing technology can be described as a rapid development

the technical content of inkjet printers has been continuously improved, and more and more high-end users such as studios and printing can provide printing products with better color expressiveness and quality at faster printing speed. It strategy, a market research company based in Hanover, Massachusetts, USA 1 The fully automatic metal stretching and ATP program control company estimates that the global revenue of wide and narrow format inkjet hardware, media and consumables will reach US $41billion in 2006, of which the largest revenue field is inkjet ink, and its sales will exceed US $21.5 billion by 2006

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