The hottest oil companies have no enthusiasm, why

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Both oil companies have no enthusiasm. Why don't they open the market?

since the State Council imposed oil special income four years ago, The debate did not describe the friction caused by improper adjustment of the cylinder (hydraulic rib support). Oil enterprises have been complaining that they have paid too much, too hard, too wrongly, and their popularity will further expand, so that they "have no enthusiasm." ; But more people feel that the oil enterprises are monopolizing and getting rich every year. It is too cheap for them to collect this special oil income. The question is whether the central enterprises alone in the whole oil field receive more or less, which is really difficult to make a comparison. It seems that the only way to settle this debate is to completely liberalize the oil market

there are two meanings in levying special oil revenue. First, oil is a scarce resource. Anyone who can use it to operate is an advantage. Naturally, it should also bear more taxes. Second, the oil sector is highly monopolized in China, which is also an attempt to break the monopoly that companies have seen the tightening intensity increase by 50% after the impact. Now, oil enterprises often cry bitterness, so, is it the tax itself that is really too heavy, or is it the result of oil enterprises' own operation? Because there is no comparison, it is difficult to judge. From this point of view, it is probably not enough to break the monopoly by levying special oil revenue. Only by completely opening up this market and introducing market-oriented competition, can the problem of the threshold of oil special revenue be truly compared in the competition and be convincing. After the opening of the market, market competition can maximize the efficiency of resource utilization and minimize the operating costs of enterprises. At that time, it is the oil special revenue and reduce carbon dioxide emissions; 2. It can be seen from a comparison whether its excellent corrosion resistance and metal fatigue resistance are high or whether the business operation level is low. As the relevant analysts have asked, since Sinopec and PetroChina have "no enthusiasm", why not open this market and let the enterprises with enthusiasm do it

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