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Oil field drilling puts forward new requirements for chemicals

at the National Seminar on the development and application of oil field chemicals, Yang Xiaohua, a senior engineer at the drilling fluid Research Institute of Sinopec Petroleum Engineering Technology Research Institute, pointed out that with the development of oil drilling towards deep wells and ultra deep SEM wells, higher requirements are put forward for drilling chemicals, which also provides greater space for the development of drilling chemicals. The stall owner of "China" introduced that the research and development of chemicals for internal drilling urgently needs to start with new drilling fluid treatment agents and oil well cement additives to provide technical support for accelerating the development of the whole industry

in the research and development of drilling fluid treatment agents, Yang Xiaohua proposed that the synthetic polymer treatment agents should focus on the development of special new monomers. Based on the research and application of existing monomers, new functional monomers are developed, and molecular modification is used to improve the properties of existing polymers, so that their advantages can be brought into full play. In addition, from the aspects of stable and reliable raw material cost and production cost, we should improve the production technology level, production scale and efficiency, and reduce the production cost of polymer treatment agent. In the development of natural product treatment agents, Yang Xiaohua proposed that the utilization of lignin resources, especially the utilization of alkaline papermaking waste liquid, and the deep modification of lignite should be considered, so that natural materials can play a greater role in drilling fluid

in terms of oil well cement additives, Yang Xiaohua believes that we should focus on the development of cementing gas channeling prevention agents, additives to improve the cementation strength of the second interface, and cementing additives (including preservatives) for high hydrogen sulfide bearing formations. At the same time, the development of high-performance styrene butadiene latex and high-temperature stabilizers, salt resistant stabilizers, dispersants, defoamers, etc. used with latex was carried out. In terms of filtrate reducer, we should focus on new monomer polymers, strengthen molecular design, and develop high temperature resistant polymers and grafted modification products of lignosulfonate, lignite and tannin with ethylene monomers

Yang Xiaohua stressed that in production and application, all majors should strengthen exchanges, jointly tackle key problems, unify product standards, and form large-scale production

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