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Lansbergen, China's "oil hoarder", said that the import of more than 300 million tons accelerated last year, setting a single month record

the General Administration of Customs yesterday released data showing that China's crude oil import in December 2014 was 30.37 million tons, the highest single month import record. The analysis believes that the international oil price "keeps falling", which brings opportunities for China's strategic reserves and commercial oil stockpiling

strategic reserves are still not enough

China's import and export data for December 2014 released by the General Administration of Customs yesterday showed that the import volume in December was 30.37 million tons, which means that the import volume per day was about 7.17 million barrels, setting a record for the import volume in a single month, exceeding 28.15 million tons in January 2014

data show that a total of 30838 million tons of crude oil were imported last year, with an amount of 1.4 trillion yuan. This import volume increased by 9.35% over 282million tons in 2013

however, China's crude oil reserve demand has not been met. On November 20, 2014, the National Bureau of statistics of China announced the inventory of the first phase of the National Petroleum Reserve Project for the first time. The first phase of the project has been completed, with 12.43 million tons of crude oil stored in four national petroleum reserve bases, equivalent to about 91 million barrels. However, the reserve crude oil of 91million barrels is only equivalent to the consumption of nine days, which is far lower than the 90 day import volume recommended by the International Energy Agency. At present, some reserve bases of the second and third phase projects of the national strategic petroleum reserve have been completed, and other reserve bases are also under construction

"it's time to stockpile oil"

Lin Boqiang, director of the China Energy Research Center at Xiamen University, said recently that it's time to stockpile oil. He said that it is nearly half cheaper to buy now than it was six months ago

foreign media said that according to the docld index, China is the biggest beneficiary of the continuous sharp fall in international oil prices, which shows an excessive number of wordld on this page. Reuters estimates that according to China's domestic oil output, import and commercial inventory data, and compared with refinery demand, it can be judged that China imported 124million barrels of additional crude oil for strategic oil reserves last year, which is more than twice the 61million barrels that China supplemented for strategic oil reserves in 2013

relevant personnel of Sinopec have previously told that after the second half of this year, there may not be such a good opportunity to "bargain hunting"

Lin Boqiang believes that with reference to the trend of oil prices after the financial crisis in 2009 and considering the changes in supply and demand this time, oil prices should soon bottomed out. In terms of probability and future revenue ratio, oil can now be stockpiled

Ye Tan, a financial commentator, told the media that "China has not copied the bottom of oil prices". In Ye Tan's view, no one can figure it out. The only way is to buy more and more, and fill the strategic oil reserve to dilute the overall cost

the international oil price plummeted by more than 4%

after the domestic oil price just fell for 12 consecutive years, the international oil price plummeted again

on January 12 (Monday), local time, the main contract of the New York Mercantile Exchange, crude oil in February fell $2.29 to close at $46.07 a barrel, down 4.74%. London Brent crude oil contract on the Intercontinental Exchange fell 2. 5% in February The measured force could not be decomposed into the two components that produced the beginning and expansion of the tear, which was $68 and closed at $47.43 a barrel, a decrease of 5.35%

On January 12 (Monday), Goldman Sachs Group sharply lowered its short-term oil price forecast. Li Qian, an analyst at zhuochuang information, said that the investment bank had sharply reduced its oil price forecast. Some refineries in the United States were shut down due to fire and weather, and the international oil price plummeted below $50/barrel, of which Brent fell to the lowest level since March 2009

according to treasure island data, Goldman Sachs lowered its oil price forecast from $80/barrel to $42/barrel in the first three months of 2015, when Brent will reach 2558.6 billion yen (about 133.3 billion yuan)

following Kuwait and Iraq, the United Arab Emirates also set the price of crude oil sold to Asia at a lower level than Saudi Arabia last week

bullion Island analysts believe that this discount means that OPEC Persian Gulf member states are ready to shoot inward in order to maintain market share. At the same time, this practice will further put pressure on international oil prices

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