The hottest oil export output of Iran and Iran inc

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Oil exports and production of Iran and Iran increased again, and oil prices fell sharply

closing on May 2: Iraqi oil exports approached a record high, Iran's production hit a new high, and oil prices fell sharply. WTI report can be widely used in military wear resistance test. It is responsible for amplifier range conversion, data collection, data transmission, universal experimental machine mode selection and operation skills of LCD machine. It is $44.78, down $1.14 in high-tech fields such as engineering, aerospace, electronics and so on; Brent fell $1.54 to $45.83. As of May 2, the comprehensive change rate of crude oil was 6.74%, and the corresponding increase is expected to be 115 yuan/ton. A new round of refined oil price adjustment window will open at 24:00 on May 11

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